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Welcome to the Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T where we will approach the difficult topics of life, have inspiring guests, and bring empowerment to all. This community is a place where we can be who we are instead of who others want us to be.
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SISTERHOOD OF SWEAT - Motivation, Inspiration, Health, Wealth, Fitness, Authenticity, Confidence and Empowerment





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Welcome to the Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T where we will approach the difficult topics of life, have inspiring guests, and bring empowerment to all. This community is a place where we can be who we are instead of who others want us to be.

Jan 29, 2018

Obi Obadike is a Telly award winning TV host who has authored more than 100 articles for fitness magazines and fitness sites. He is a best-selling author of the diet and exercise book TheCut in which he co-authored with Hollywood Actor Morris Chestnut that came out April of 2017.
He has been a guest as an author and expert on national daytime talk shows such as Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, Dr Oz, Rachael Ray, Access Hollywood, Home & Family, The Today Show, Roland Martin’s News One Show, etc. and many national syndicated radio shows. He was a featured fitness contributor on a summer-weight loss series in 2017 on NBC’s The Today show for 2 months and he worked with their resident nutritionist Joy Bauer on that show.
Currently he is a health and wellness contributor on Steve Harvey’s national syndicated morning radio show. His show has a reach of 9 million listeners per week. And he has graced the cover of over 50 domestic and international fitness magazines and has been featured more than 100 times in these magazines making him one of the most published fitness experts over the last ten years.
Obadike was the co-host and co-judge (with Jillian Michaels (formerly of Biggest Loser) and Randy Hetrick, (founder and CEO of TRX) on a fitness reality competition show called Sweat Inc. that premiered on Spike TV in fall of 2015. He has trained and dieted some of the most influential celebrities and public figures in the world as well as many average regular people and he is known for his before and after transformations. Some of the notable celebrities he has trained is Steve Harvey, Morris Chestnut, ESPN Analyst Stephen A Smith
He has been the current co-host since 2014 for the last 3 years of an award winning nationally syndicated Health TV show called Lifestyle Magazine, which airs every week nationally on DirecTV and Dishnet and on some of the following national networks such as the Hope Channel, NRB, Sky Angel network and other nationally and local syndicated networks. The show is aired in Europe, West Africa, South Africa, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most international countries. This health is viewed by over 3 million people domestically. In 2015 he and his co-hosting colleagues at Lifestyle Magazine won a bronze (Telly TV award) in the lifestyle programming category for a TV episode they did with Actor Kevin Sorbo called “True Strength”. On March 27th, 2017 he won a Telly TV Award for the interview they did with Deniece Williams called “Life Choices”. He and his cast also won a Remy TV award in 2014 and 2015 at the World Fest international TV and film festival. WorldFest Festival is the third competitive film festival in North America.
In January 2014, he was metrically recognized as one of the Top 10 most influential fitness experts on the Web by Dr. Oz’s along with Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper from Biggest Loser and Dr Sanjay Gupta from CNN and others. He was named Writer of the Year for the largest Internet site in the world in in 2012. He had a very popular bi-monthly fat loss column on the site called Ask The Ripped Dude on that site from 2011 to 2014. Metrically it was one of the most popular fat loss columns on that site for that 3 year timeframe. He is featured on their Ask The Experts page on ​
In 2013 he created and produced lifestyle exercise videos for Turner Broadcasting’s health and wellness entertainment digital brand called upwave. Those videos were bought out 2 years later by WebMD and they are now featured on their website.
In April of 2016 he was also named one of the Top Ten Most Inspirational fitness personalities by Ask which is the largest lifestyle men’s website online and some of the names that were on that list was Jack LaLalane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jillian Michaels along with other notable fitness names. In August of 2016 named him one of the 50 fittest people of 2016 along with Michael Phelps, Connor Mcgregor, Usain Bolt and other mainstream athletes.
Obadike was a top Division I collegiate track athlete at Cal State Fullerton, where he was the school record holder in the 100 and 200 meters as well as the 400-meter relay. He was also co-athlete of the year at the university and a two-time All Big West Conference sprinter. He was the fastest guy in the history of the university. He holds B.A/B.S and M.S degrees and is a certified nutritionist specialist and certified trainer with ISSA. He has been writer and contributor for fitness magazines and sites such as Muscle and Fitness,,,, LiveStrong, Shape, Oxygen and many others. In February of 2017 he was named Senior Executive Director of Health and wellness for the ISSA- (International Sport Sciences Association) as well as an advisor to their presidential board.
What we talked about in this episode:
  • Making New Years resolutions a lifestyle.
  • When setting a goal, try not to have  the "its all or nothing" mentality.
  • Give yourself a pass to suck until you don't.

Obi's Three Action Steps To Make New year's Resolutions A Lifestyle 

1. Being around people that actually support you and are like-              minded.

2. Writing down your goals on a piece of paper.

3. It's A marathon not a sprint.

  • Everyone's DNA isn't the same, so in terms of what we can achieve it will vary: Ripped Abs, Tight Hamstrings, or developed Glutes etc.
  • We all have our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Writing down your goals increase your chances of achieving them by 50%.
  • Tracking your progress is important because it get addicting to the your results.
  • If you don't see progress it's hard to stick with something.
  • Tracking your progress also lets you know when you need to switch it up.

Sabotage looks like:

1. Your mother baking you your favorite triple-stack fudge brownies      though it's not your birthday.

2. Your significant other bringing you ooey gooey cheese pizza.

3. Friends inviting you on a Multitude of wine outings.

4. co-workers egging you on "oh come on can't you just have a            little bit?" 

  • I'ts ok to say NO! Don't be food-shamed if you want to eat that or if you don't want to eat that.
  • Obi Obadike is Steve Harvey's Personal trainer and Steve has gotten into phenomenal shape under Obi's tutelege. 

Obi's Tips on Achieving Higher Success

1. Creating relationships matter people have to want to work with you. People have to like you. Having a bad attitude gets you no where.

2. Laying down your ego, creating trust through your hard-work and integrity.

3. Doing everything you can to execute and get the job done. 


All Things Obi:

The Cut: Lose Up To Ten Pound In Ten Days And Sculpt Your Best Body Co-Authored by Obi Obafike and Morris Chestnut.

"60 is the new 40" Obi Obadike and Steve Harvey's new digital series to motivate baby boomers that your age doesn't have to stand in the way of being healthy and in your best shape ever.

Finally a brand you can trust. Obi has developed a new supplement line without all of the fillers, stimulants, fake sugars, low sodium, low fat, no  proprietary blends, and junk you might find out there in the land of supposed health supplements. No hidden ingredients in his new-line imagine that! Be sure to try -out his new product line at

Obi's handles:

Twitter: Obi_Obadike

Instagram: obiobadike

Facebook: @ObiObadikeFitness


Tiaja Piere is a focus group participant in the book, The Cut by Morris Chestnut and Obi Obadike. She is also a Licensed Private Investigator who helps people of all walks of life. Tiaja is also part of Beauty Underground which you will see often at New York Fashion Week and Denver Fashion Week.  She is currently the titleholder as Mrs. Wash Park 2017 for The Mrs. Colorado America USA Pageant. She is also a former Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World competitor.

In addition to being a working mother and wife, Tiaja is full of energy and is always willing to give a helping hand to all. She volunteers her time and gives back to the community by giving free facials to those going thru cancer, advocating for women and children and feeding the homeless, just to name a few.

Tiaja feels that no matter the challenge, with perseverance anything can be accomplished.

Tiaja’s handles:

Twitter: Tiaja_Pierre

Instagram: Tiajamaisondebeaute

Facebook: @thecut.tiajapierre


Jan 22, 2018

Follow Linda on Social Media @ Chickfitstudio on Facebook Instagram and Twitter and my website is

Social Media- Elaine

Facebook - Elaine or Jack Lanne

Before Jillian Michael's, Tony Horton, Kasiafit, Denise Austin, and Jane Fonda there was Jack the pioneer and "Godfather of Fitness", He is responsible for many of the fitness staples in the industry today some of which are the; protein bar, protein shake, leg extension, leg curl, cable pulleys, and so much more. Learn all about the making of this fitness icon and the wife beneath his wings, Elaine . She is 91 and rocking her age and still lectures all over the country.

I love, eat, and breathe fitness, so I was beyond honored to interview The First Lady of Physical Fitness, Elaine . She is the wife of fitness legend Jack .

I'm not going to lie.   I got pretty teary-eyed when I was preparing for this podcast about Jack and Elaine . Together they have created the most amazing legacy that we all still benefit from today. You know what they say; behind every great man is an incredible woman. 

Elaine is nothing less than incredible! At 91 she puts us all to shame.  Elaine does full push ups, takes no medication, and is as sharp as a tack. In this episode we talk about how Elaine, the then smoker and donut lover, met Jack, The Godfather of Fitness and he changed her life forever.  Jack also had a life-changing event happen to him; perhaps that was why he was so interested in making an impact in other people’s lives.  Jack was ill as a teen and his entire life was changed from a lecture by Paul Braggs of Braggs Aminos. This was a lecture in which Jack was almost turned away because it was sold out. Paul made room for Jack and his mother right up front. Talk about divine intervention.

As Jack got older he wanted people to realize that age was just a number. He set out to prove it by completing surreal physical feats, one of which was his infamous swim from Alcatraz to the mainland with his hands and feet shackled behind his back towing a 1000 pound boat at 60 years young. Jack really stood in the gap as a pioneer.  He was responsible for so much of what we see today in fitness, from creating the selectorized weight machines, cable/pulley machines, and leg extension, to having the idea for The Smith Machine.  Jack and Elaine encouraged and introduced women to the weight room, back then they were of the thinking that women belonged in the kitchen and not in the weight room. The backwards thinking was that women would look like men if they weight trained.  Also the thinking in that day was men in sports shouldn’t weight train, because they wouldn’t be able to move as fast and if they were muscle bound and that it would slow them down. Jack ,The Godfather of Fitness, was amazing from the sheer feats of physical fitness he performed, to the machines he created that still we use today.  Jack was also responsible for creating the first protein shake and protein bar.  Jack was such a pioneer and an icon in the industry and his wife was right alongside him being on the air helping him do all that he did.  She is a fabulous lady and I am so inspired by her. I met her at the World IDEA Blog Fest and it was an instant connection. She was such a gracious lady.  I took a leap and asked her if she would do a Facebook live video with me and she did. It didn't take the first time so I had to get up the courage to go up and ask her again and she was such so gracious. We did it one more time and now I’m interviewing her for a second time on my podcast. ”Life favors the bold.”

1. Move it or lose it

2. Fruits and Vegetables cleanse the system.

3. Every cell in your body is continually changing. Your body is new      every seven years.

4. Why its important to have a good gut.

5. The effect of good microbiome and a great probiotic.

6. If you nibble all day long you never realize how much your              eating.

7. What your doing right now is walking and talking tomorrow.

8. A sense of humor is important to longevity.

9. Jack wanted to prove that if you take care of yourself it doesn't        matter your age

10. People are old because they're told their old.

11. ARC is Elaine's secret and mission in life. A-Attitude R-                    Resistance C Consistency.

12. Sign up for Maria's Schriver's Sunday Paper free.

13. A funny story of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack working out.

14. Jack always said "If you do everything in moderation you can't          go wrong."

15. "It's not what you do some of the time that counts its what you          do all of the time that counts." Jack Lanne

16. When someone has a birthday Elaine has a piece of cake but            she says Jack was always very disciplined and never deviated.

17. At 91 Elaine is living strong lecturing and writing a new book.

18. The story of how Elaine met Jack and fell in love.

19. Face exercises to keep you looking young.

20. Why Jack wore ballet slippers and where he got the idea to              wear a jumpsuit.

21. Jack would say "all I want to do is help people help themselves."

22. What people don't know that don't know.

23. Humor is the best medicine.




Jan 15, 2018

Jill Griffiths is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who loves sharing her tools to make fitness success a reality.  For the past 18 years she has had her hands in all things fitness from teaching Spin to Zumba to Yoga to creating Personal Trainer Led Bootcamps.  Her current success and focal point is her 8 week leaner and stronger program where she has produced amazing results with hundreds of people, by providing the correct tools and personalized nutrition needed to lean up all while gaining and maintaining strength and confidence.  

Jill’s past achievements include competing and placing in an NPC bikini competition, triathlon, running 4 Ragnar Relay’s, half marathon’s, and multiple smaller races.

Her current passion is Spartan Races.  She ran her first Spartan race in 2016 and has been hooked ever since.  In 2016 she earned her first Trifecta.  In 2017 she earned another Trifecta as well as a coin, which allowed her to compete in the Spartan World Championship race this past September against the top elite and pro female races of the OCR world where she proudly took 41st.  She is currently a Spartan Race Ambassador and loves every part of the OCR community.

Jill is also a mom to 3 kids, a wife, and a corporate personal trainer.  Her family life includes carpooling her kids to their many activities and standing on the sidelines cheering her kids on in whatever activity they chose to do.  Recently, their family bought a “fixer upper” and have been working together to demo the home and remodel it together.  She feels that having her kids work side by side her and her husband, will help them gain a better tolerance and drive to work hard to build their own future success. 

You can learn more about Jill and her programs on InstagramFacebook and her website/blog.

  • How fitness has evolved.
  • Overcoming obstacles.
  • Challenging yourself.
  • Digging Deep!
  • You can do it!
  • Pushing past fear into the feeling of accomplishment
  • The BEAST
  • The SUPER
  • The SPRINT
  • The rope climb
  • The spear throw
  • The monkey bars
  • Ring The Cowbell One More Time Blog
  • How doing the Spartan Race gives you confidence.
  • Your never too old to play.
  • Mental mindset gets you through.
  • Do your first race as a team.
  • Race with someone in mind or a cause, it will give your race purpose.
  • Our favorite and least favorite obstacles.
  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Ways to get your kids to trade in their devices for physical activity.
  • Setting goals is what drives you forward.
  • With patience and consistency you can achieve any goal.
  • Don't be caught on the sidelines of life just wishing.
  • My Navy Seal MountainTop Experience Blog
  • How you can do a pull-up from beginner status.